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Katrina Rogers

Biomedical Sciences with Minors in Psych/Chemistry

Tutor since Jun, 2019

Hattiesburg, MS

Tutor since Jun, 2019

Hattiesburg, MS

16 Streams

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- Algebra I
- Algebra II
- Algebra III
- Calculus
- Physics


- Chemistry

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The University of Southern Mississippi


Welcome to my Corner of Streamwork!

Hello everybody! My name is Katrina, and I'm here to tutor in the lovely maths such as Algebra I, II, III, and calculus! I'm currently a Junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences while minoring in Psych/Chemistry, so I may at times be able to tutor in these subjects as well as my schooling goes on. My absolute favorite thing to do is help others improve upon their own knowledge, and I hope I meet my goal by helping you out here! Stick around, and come learn with me!
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