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Hunter Coleman

Physics major, Applied Mathematics minor

Tutor since Sep, 2019

Boise, ID

Tutor since Sep, 2019

Boise, ID

2 Streams

Academic Experience


-Introductory Physics 1+2
-Classical Mechanics
-Scientific Computing (in Python <3)
-Introductory Quantum Physics
-Solid State Physics
-Analog and Digital Electronics
-Optical Physics
Current enrollment:
-Intermediate Quantum Physics
-Thermal Physics
-Physical Methods of Materials Characterization

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Basic Information

Boise State University


About me!

Hello! My name is Hunter, and I'm currently a senior at Boise State University. I'm pursuing a B.S. in physics, with a minor in applied mathematics. I'm currently enrolled in three physics classes, as well as participating in the Collaboratory for the Epitaxy of Nanomaterials (CEN) at Boise State! I also play alto saxophone in the marching band, and teach 100-level physics labs.

Join my Discord, where you can submit questions for me to walk through live on stream once a week! https://discord.gg/q8YTTFF
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